Textile projects by David Tremlett – Arte Fiera Bologna 2016

28th January - 1st February 2016

“The project for Verolino Contemporary originated at the beginning of 2015 with suggestion of a tapestry, and then came the suggestion of a carpet. The tapestry would be made in Felletin, Aubuson, France and the carpet Nepal or Pakistan.  The following months were spent drawing ideas until 4 designs for tapestries and 4 designs for carpets were finished.

On the 20 July I flew to Lyon and with Antonio and Raffaele Verolino we drove to Felletin. The first step into Atelier Pinton was special, the smell of textile, the quite sound of people working, the rows and rows of coloured yarn, a real sense of tradition being continued, and a passion for techniques which have never been surpassed. Then to see one of my drawings for a tapestry translated from pastel to wool, from 60 centimetres square to 3 meters square and with many hands weaving the warps and wefts on a large loom.

After all had been seen and approved of, Lucas Pinton and I shook hands in recognition of satisfaction and we all departed for a lunch of Andouillette and vegetables in a wonderful local restaurant. This completed, Antonio, Raffaele and I spent the next 3-4 hours heading back to Lyon after which I was London bound”.
David Tremlett